VietTESOL International Convention, VietTESOL International Convention 2018

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The Presentation, Content and Value of a Large-scale Professional Development CALL Course in Vietnam
Nhat Thi Hong Nguyen

Building: A11
Room: Room 202
Date: 2018-10-12 02:45 PM – 03:15 PM
Last modified: 2018-09-15


Acknowledging the important role of teachers for the successful integration of technology in language teaching and learning, the Vietnamese government has been implementing a nationwide professional development (PD) program in Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) for 838 English-as-a-Foreign-Language (EFL) teachers at all levels in the whole country (MOET, 2014). This chapter presents tertiary teachers’ views on the effectiveness of the PD program. Data were collected through an online survey with 162 EFL tertiary teachers. Feedback from the participants indicated that the PD covered too many tools in two short of time, which limited the opportunities for teachers to have hands-on practice. Moreover, while the PD partly successfully introduced teachers technical skills of using some tools, it did not paid attention on guiding them how to use those technologies for the purpose of language teaching and learning. The teachers mentioned different constraints which limited their use of CALL at their workplaces. The study suggests that professional development courses should be designed based on an understanding of the system as well as teachers’ needs at the local level. It is indicated that an effective way to design professional development courses can be on a small scale, focusing on specific language skills.


Professional development, CALL, Vietnam