VietTESOL International Convention, VietTESOL International Convention 2018

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Student' Evaluation of the ESP Program at VNU-IS
Hoa Thi To Nguyen

Building: A11
Room: Room 202
Date: 2018-10-12 10:35 AM – 11:05 AM
Last modified: 2018-10-08


This research is about the evaluation of students at Vietnam National University Hanoi, International School (VNU-IS) on their ESP program. The participants in this research include more than 200 first- and second-year students from the 3 training programs at VNU-IS: Bachelor of International Business (IB) from VNU Hanoi, Bachelor of Science in Management from Keuka College - USA, Bachelor of Business Accounting from HELP University - Malaysia. A survey questionnaire is used in combination with an open-ended interview in order to collect the data for the research. The evaluation criteria include: contents, teaching methods, teaching materials, assessment, facilities and overall effectiveness of the programs. The findings reveal that students at the 3 training programs at VNU-IS tend to have positive evaluation on these programs in almost every aspect. When comparing detailed evaluation of the students from each program, it is noticeable that students of IB program seem to have the most rigorous evaluation. Some statistics in the research are different from researcher’s assumptions. Based on the findings in the study, several recommendations are made to improve the ESP programs at VNU-IS in the future.


program evaluation, ESP