VietTESOL International Convention, VietTESOL International Convention 2018

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Being Familiar with Some of Teaching Methodologies and English for Specific Purposes
Son Hoang Nguyen

Building: A11
Room: 2nd floor Reading Room-A11 Building
Date: 2018-10-12 02:00 PM – 02:45 PM
Last modified: 2018-09-16


English for Specific Purposes (ESP) is a distinct branch of English in the English language. This is a course designed to meet the specific needs of the learners. Therefore, this approach to teaching the subject also has different characteristics: it is flexible, diverse, and depends on the field that it serves. The article lists and comments the typical methods being applied in the world to teach this subject. In addition, the methods being implemented in Vietnam are also reviewed and evaluated. Finally, a number of innovative application proposals were introduced to improve the quality of teaching English at several universities in the country.


ESP, English for Specific Purposes, Teaching English, Teaching Methods