VietTESOL International Convention, VietTESOL International Convention 2018

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Fostering 21st century Skills by Teaching Sustainable Development Goals Using Skype in the Classroom
Ngoc Dieu Nguyen, Thao Thi Phuong Mai

Building: A12
Room: Room 201
Date: 2018-10-12 04:30 PM – 05:00 PM
Last modified: 2018-09-16


The study was conducted to evaluate how effectively the teaching of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) using Microsoft tools in an English class can help students develop their 21st century skills. The research started with the WHY, WHAT, and HOW several of 17 SDGs were introduced in the English language classroom and Skype in the Classroom was used to empower their students and foster 21st century skills among students. The data collection tools were a Likert scale survey distributed to students; the lecturer’s observations and reflections throughout the process. Based on descriptions of 21st century skills, each one was broken down into specific activities that students were required to do during the learning of SDGs. The results suggest that this initiative can significantly boost critical thinking skills, collaboration skills, communication skills, creativity and innovation skills, self-direction skills, global connection, local connections, and using technology as a tool for learning with around 80-90 percent of students positively responding to the statements in the survey. Although the impacts of studying the goals on each student and each skill were different, the study confirms that the teaching of SDGs helps improve cognitive, socio-emotional and behavioral skills (UNESCO, 2017). Some suggestions were given to both students and teachers to improve the effectiveness of teaching SDGs using Skype in the Classroom.



SDGs; Skype; 21st century skills