VietTESOL International Convention, VietTESOL International Convention 2018

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Surviving Industry 4.0: The Requisite Tectonic Shift in Occupational English Language Training
Thomas G. Giglione

Building: A12
Room: Room 301
Date: 2018-10-13 09:35 AM – 10:05 AM
Last modified: 2018-09-20


The success of the 4th Industrial Revolution will require radical changes in traditional pedagogy on the part of all the stakeholders responsible for delivering English Language Training for Occupational Purposes. The coming disruption brought on by Industry 4.0 requires collaboration with the private sector to facilitate the delivery of innovative programs such as Cooperative Learning and Work-integrated learning (WIL) facilitated by artificial intelligence.

The vast majority of traditional ELT pedagogy delivered is antiquated and lacks efficacy on many levels. Industry 4.0 will be bringing about revolutionary changes that must be met with new approaches in order for the disruptive transition to succeed. A pragmatic approach by all stakeholders is necessary to survive the coming industrial revolution.

Academic institutions need to relinquish control of ELT and course curriculum and seek a collaborative approach in delivering ELT with other stakeholders such as SME's in the private sector, business chambers otherwise we will be continuing to train a future workforce for careers that that are already obsolete.

Cooperative education learning systems combined with machine learning platforms need to be implemented in order for nation states to survive the market stress that will be associated with Industry 4.0. The appropriation of radical thinking and the unlearning of traditional pedagogy that lacks efficacy is a prerequisite to making full use of the potential of exponential technologies in achieving the digital transformation to industry 4.0.