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Technology-enhanced English Language Teaching and Learning

Utilizing iPad as a Teaching Tool in TESOL Classes: A Case Study in Vietnam
Hanh Thuy Nguyen
Surviving Industry 4.0: The Requisite Tectonic Shift in Occupational English Language Training
Thomas G. Giglione
Tense Identifier: Automatic Identification and Explanation of Time and Tense
John Blake
Using TED-ED Videos in Teaching Literature to Young Learners: a Blended Teaching Approach
Lien Thu Pham
Using Videos in Teaching English Speaking to First-Year Students of Tourism and Hospitality Management at Hanoi University of Industry
Toan Van Nguyen, Hanh Thi Do
Effectiveness of Using Pronunciation Software in Teaching Pronunciation for EFL Learners
Hang Minh Nguyen
Improving Speaking Skills of Basic English Students through Zalo Group
Huy Quang Pham, Ha Thi The Nguyen
Using Facebook as an Interactive E-learning Tool for Non-language Major Students
Hanh Thuy Nguyen
Learning English Grammar through Flipped Learning
Rachid Bezzazi
Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Google Classroom in Project-based Learning - A Case Study
Giang Thi Kieu Nguyen, Huong Thi Dinh
Using Online Concordancer in Teaching Collocations and Promoting EFL Students’ Independent Learning
Thao Thi Huong Luong, Thuy Thi Nguyen
EFL Teachers’ Perceptions of Course-level Blended Professional Development
Huong Thi lan Nguyen, Giang Thi Trang
Using Smartphones in Teaching and Learning Interpreting
Khanh Nguyen Thi Van
Using Kahoot! in Teaching English for EFL Young Learners
Thuan Duc Pham
An Action Research on Current Level of English Non-major First Year Student’s Pronunciation and Using Edmodo and Designed Materials in Improving their Pronunciation
Huyen Thi Thanh Pham
Utilizing Trello Apps to Improve Group Work in Translation Practice for Third-Year Students at HaUI
Duong Thi Quynh Hoang, Hang Thi Hai Cao
Fostering 21st century Skills by Teaching Sustainable Development Goals Using Skype in the Classroom
Ngoc Dieu Nguyen, Thao Thi Phuong Mai
Free Apps Enhance Learning Pronunciation for Financially Disadvantaged Students
Tra Thi Lam Dinh
Analysis of Effectiveness of Google Classroom in Management Students’ Self-study Process in Advanced Level of Academic Writing, Based on Instructors and Learners’ Views
Thu Thi Le
Teaching Writing Skills and Enhancing Vocabularies with Imind-Map, Making Mate, and Quizlet’s Learning Tools
Soryaly Chau, Khon Chau
Using Virtual Classroom in the Promotion of Language Learner Autonomy
Thao Phan
Introduction of TR-model in Computer-based Language Education
Triet Thanh La
Improving Students’ Writing: Integrating Google Docs in Peers’ Comments
Thu Dang
Utilizing Learning Stations to Give Differentiated Instructions to English Learners
Huong Thanh Doan
The Presentation, Content and Value of a Large-scale Professional Development CALL Course in Vietnam
Nhat Thi Hong Nguyen
Using Facebook to Improve English Speaking Skill for the English Major Students
Nam Hoai Nguyen, Thao Thi Huong Dang, Maynard Yutzy
Using Office 365 Education to Create Blended Learning Environment for Grade 10th Students
Thuy Thi Tran, Ngoc Thi Vuong
When Technology Transforms the Interaction in English Integrated-skills Activities
Huong Quynh Tran
Using Technology to Motivate EFL Students to Write
Duyen Thi Hong Le, Huong Thi Mai Ta
The Cognitive and Affective Learning Oppotunitites Embedded in Group E-Portfolio Project for Academic Writing
Jet Robredillo Tonogbanua
Using Video Platforms to Enhance Student-Centered Learning in the ESL Classroom
Sean Hughes, Chi Thi Lan Tong
Blending Learning in TESOL: 10 Best Practices
Matthew D. Edward
Monkey Stories App and Implication in Teaching English for Non-English Majors
Thuy Thi Thanh Pham
Going Paperless with Online Quizzes and Tests
Mark Firth, Daniel Barnett
“Quizzes” Helps Release the Burden of Teachers’ Work
Duong Lu Thuy Phan
Using Keynote to Empower Multimodal Teaching
Thuy Thi Hieu Tran
Mobile Learning in K12 Education
Binh Thi Tran
Spice Up Your Lessons with Skype
Ngoc Dieu Nguyen
The Use of Concordances in Giving Corrective Feedback
Ha Thanh Le
How to Design a Blended/Online Course on Canvas
Huong Thi Lan Nguyen
Using Online Courses to Improve Oral Interaction for Front Office Staffs in E4VN English Center
Tuyet Thi Tran
Teaching English Pronunciation to Vietnamese College Students through VOA News and Edmodo
Thy Hoang Mai Nguyen
The Future of English Language Assessment Tools: Humans or Machines Testing
Thu Kim Pham, Huyen Thanh Le
Surveying the Attitudes of Vietnamese English Major Student Teachers Towards the Use of Video Lectures in English Language Teaching and Their Level of Readiness
Anh Nguyen Nhu Le
Using Video-based Projects to Foster Students’ Speaking Ability at Upper-intermediate Level
Phuc Thi Nguyen
Applyingg E-Learning As Innovation to be Closed English of ESL Learners in Vietnam
Duyen Tan Vo
IT Application in Teaching Writing Skill for Students at Hoa Lu University
Mien Thi Nguyen
Employing Facebook To Develop Learners’ Speaking Skills
Hue Thi Pham
Using EDM to Encourage LA and Improve OI for a FO Staff Group in E4VN
Tuyet Thi Tran
Creating a Closed GroupP on Facebook for Professional Development
Nguyen Thi Cao Bui
The Effectiveness of Interactive Online Games in Students’ English Language Acquisition: A Case Study
Linh Hong Trinh
Industrial Revolution 4.0 with language education in Vietnam: Promises and Perils
Vu Ngoc Nguyen
EFL Teachers in Relation to ICT-Integrated Teaching: ‘Beauty is in the Eye of the Beholder!’
Khanh Linh Tran Dang

English Language Teaching and Assessment

Motivating Learning from Teacher-Student Interaction - An Idea for Teachers of Teaching English to Young Learners
Huong Thi Nguyen
The Promotion of Self-Regulated Learning Through Tracking Language Study
Rachelle Meilleur
Promoting learner autonomy in an intensive English program
Pamela Stacey
Washback of English Test to English Teachers in the 4th Industrial Revolution
Thu Minh Dinh
Using Content-based Instruction Projects for Language Learning: Insights from the Social Constructivism Perspective
Hang Thu Le Nguyen
Foreign Language Teachers' Beliefs and Practices about Intercultural Communicative Competence: A Review of Literature
Lan Thi Thuy Nguyen, Christine Biebricher, Gillian Ward
A Framework for Integrating Culture into the Language Curriculum of a Secondary School in Vietnam
Hoa Thi Thanh Hoang, Thuy Thanh Pham
Types of Peer Talks in Speaking Tasks by Vietnamese EFL College Students
Linh Thi Khanh Vo
Problem-based Learning for Developing Speaking Fluency of Non-English Major Students
My Thanh Hoan Le
Applying Magazine Project-based Learning in the Translation Course for English-majored Students at a Public University
Hanh Thi Minh Nguyen, Giang Thi Thu Bui
Applying a Project-based Activity to Enhance Students' Critical Thinking Skills in the ESL Classroom
Hoang Trong Do
English for Occupational Purposes Curriculum and Course Design for Students of Electrical and Electronics Engineering
Tue Ngoc Hoang, Hanh Duc Le, Giang Thi Huong Hoang, Nhung Thi Hoang
Language Learner Autonomy and Language Learning Opportunities Inside and Outside Classroom
Trang Nguyen Thu Hoang
Extensive Reading and Learner Autonomy in Asian EFL Context
Hoa Thu Do, Huong Thi Bao Dinh, Thao Thi Thu Nguyen
VSTEP Listening Test – A Study into Test-takers’ Perceptions
Lan Thuy Le
Evaluating a Classroom-based English Language Assessment Plan at a Vietnamese University
Thu Minh Dinh
Motivating Learners with Anxiety to Actively Participate in a Foreign Language Class
Phuc Thi Nguyen
Podcast, a Language Learning Tool of the Future
Duong Van Vu
Fairness in a Constructivist Classroom: A Review of the Literature
Thanh Nhan Le
Peer Interaction Patterns in English Speaking Tasks
Linh Thi Khanh Vo
Integrating Teaching Syntax into Teaching Writing Skill
Quyen Thi Vu
Improving Academic Listening Performance through Schema Activation Activities
My Thi Le Nguyen
The Effects of Consciousness-raising Techniques on the Written Production of English Tenses among Thai Learners
Patcharee Imsri
Application of ICT in ELT Classroom at Schools in Vietnam: Reality, Challenges, and Solutions
Hung Ngoc Nguyen
Developing Autonomy in Vietnamese EFL/ESL Students – Building a Sense of Language Learner Ownership
Bill McDonald
A Survey on Lower Secondary School Students' Motivation to Take Extra Courses in English
Anh Thuy Lan Nguyen
Classroom-Based Assessment of Writing: A Case Study of Vietnamese IELTS Teachers' Writing Assessment & Instruction Practices
Hai Duy Nguyen-Le, Hoan Thi Khai Pham
Classroom Strategies to Improve Students’ Engagement and Participation in English Lessons
Huong Thi Thu Le, Mau Thi Vu
Improving the Speaking Skill for A2 Students at Vietnam National University by Topic-based Presentations
Dao Thi Bich Vu
Project-Based Language Learning Initiative at Hanoi Pedagogical University 2: Opportunities and Challenges
Ngan Thi Tran
Using Dictogloss to Teach Integrated Skills to English-majored Adults in EFL Class in Hanoi
Trang Minh Nguyen
Enhancing Positive Effects Of an English Grammar Lesson: Applying Communicative Methods and Raising Student Motivations
My Van Nguyen
Towards a Model of Performance-based Assessment in the EFL Classroom Context
Hoa Thi Ai Tran
An Exploratory Study on Teacher Talk and Students’ Learning Opportunities in a Primary School Context
Trang Thi Loan Phan
Using Prepared Talks in ESL/EFL Speaking Classes
Nga Thuy Le
An Exploration of Extensive Reading to Develop English Proficiency for 5th Graders
Van Thai Hoang
Teachers' Roles in Enhancing Learner Autonomy - A Case Study in Speaking and Listening Classes
Tuyet Thi Le Pham
Best Practices in Rating Standardized Writing Tasks and Application for Non-Native English Speaking Teachers
Trang Thi Minh Le
The Power of Positive Thinking in Promoting a Positive Attitude in Students towards Learning English as a Foreign Language
Linh Thi Thuy Nguyen
The Effects of Portfolios on Developing Writing Skills of English Major Students at Hanoi Law University
Huong Thanh Nhac, Minh Nguyen Binh La
Using Authentic Materials in Extensive Reading
My Thi Le Nguyen
Hand-made ESL/EFL Materials in the High-tech World: Principles and Practices
Khoa Nguyen Dang Do
“Learning by teaching”: an Effective Paradigm to Enhance Motivation of Non-English Majors.
Nga Viet Nguyen
The Exploitation of Eliciting Techniques by Fourth-year Students in Their teaching practicum at English Division I, Faculty of English Language Teacher Education, ULIS-VNU
Thuy Thanh Nguyen
Organizing and Enhancing Effective Groupwork in English Lessons
Giang Thi Huong Hoang, Hanh Duc Le, Phuong Hoang
Recommendations for Improving EFL Student’s Writing Skills
Anh Thi Ngoc Dang
Diificulties in Teaching Pronunciation
Thuy Thi Thu Nguyen
Kolb’s Experiential Learning for EFL Students to Enhance Intercultural Communicative Competence
My Hoang Thieu Tran, Tung Ngoc Vu
Making Art-based Classroom Activities More Meaningful, Interactive and Inspirative to EFL Young Learners
Phuong Tran Nam Nguyen
A Case Study on Practices and Pedagogical Implications of TEYL-Classroom Questioning Strategies
Linh Thuy Pham
Using English Songs as Authentic Materials for Listening in High School Classes
Nguyen Thi Cao Bui
Teaching Reading: Digging Deeper
Veronica Ann Moermond
Collaborative In-Class Writing
Kelsey Evans
Critical Thinking Skills and a Virtual Vacation Project-Based Teaching Unit
Tracy Lynn Case Koslowski, Dinorah Sapp
Differentiated Instruction: English Language Teaching in Large, Multi-level Classrooms
Jeanie Cook
Running with Scissors: Authenticity in the Classroom
Philip Warwick
Utilizing Technology to Address Reticence in the Classroom
Arthur Minh Huy Nguyen
Using Children’s Literature to Practice Key Language Skills
Lorraine Kipling
Students’ Perception Towards Peer-assessment of Oral Presentation in an EFL Classroom
Ha Ngan Nguyen
Incremental Response to Writing: The Five-Filters Approach
John Blake
Ahead in Technology, Behind in Language Skills: English Teachers` Experiences with Japanese Science Students
Jane O'Halloran, Yuri Okunishi, Yoko Maekawa
Developing a Phonics Program Based on Onset-Rime Approach for Improving Young Learners' English Word Recognition and Reading
Saeromi Kim
Vietnamese Learners Facing Employment Dilemmas: Learn to Enunciate not Pronunciate
Thu Thi Kim Pham, Huyen Thanh Le
Factors Affecting SFL Students' Performance in Listening Comprehension Test
Linh My Dam
Communicative Games and Activities for Grammar Lessons
Anh Thi Ngoc Nguyen
Using Cognitive Metaphors in English Songs to Enhance Reading and Writing Skills for English Majors
Anh Thi Viet Vu, Thu Thi Hong Nguyen
Researching the Effectiveness of Information Gap Technique for Teaching English Speaking Skills to Freshmen at ULIS-VNU
Phong Anh Hoang
Using Role Play as an Effortless Technique to Enhance English Speaking Skills for First-year Students at ULIS-VNU
Phong Anh Hoang
Some Techniques to Facilitate In-class Timed-Writing
Lien Thi Bich Ta
Improving Reading Speed and Comprehension through Chunking Activities: An Integrated Approach
Linh Dieu Nguyen, Trang Thi Thu Doan
Using a Total Physical Response by Tellingstory (TPR tellingstory ) Method in Teaching English for 3-4 years-old Kids: Sharing a Teaching Idea
Huyen Thi Do
Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTs) in Speaking Activities
Lan Phuong Le, Huong Thi Thu Vu
Group Work That Works to Deal with Large Classes
Trang Thi Thu Tran
Developing Students' Communication Skills through Extracurricular Activities in High-school ESL Classrooms
Tra Thi Huong Luong
Abstract Writing for K12 Teachers
Linh Thuy Nguyen
How Peer-Support Could Help with Junior Students' Speaking and Writing Skills
Linh Thuy Nguyen, Viet Hai Nguyen
Discussing a Rubric for Academic Presentation Skills
Dannielle Marie Fischer
Cross-Cultural Teacher Mentoring and Classroom Observation Methods
John S. Niblette
Developing the English speaking skills of primary school students in Vietnam through Drama activities
Minh Thi Hong Bui, Loan To Nguyen
Tailoring Project Lessons in New English 6 to Match the Vietnamese Teaching Context
Lan Hoang Nguyen
Cross-mentoring: Where in Service Teachers Can Help Pre-service Ones Get the Hold of Lesson Planning
Lan Hoang Nguyen
Assessing Primary Learners: Class Star Or Class Triangle?
Martin Goosey
The Effect of implementing Shadowing on English-Major Students’ Interpreting Performances
Thao Minh Nguyen, Huyen Nguyen, Dung Tran, Trang Tam Nguyen
Linh Dieu Pham

English for Specific Purposes

English As a Key Employability Capacity: Perspectives from Vietnamese Students and Lecturers
Thuy Thi Ngoc Bui, Thom Thi Thom Nguyen, An Duc Nguyen
Designing Blended Learning English Lessons for Garment & Fashion Design Students at Hanoi University of Industry
Thao Thi Huong Le, Giang Thi Huong Le
From a General English teacher to an ESP teacher
Mo Thi Nguyen
Developing Students' Oral Eloquence through Impromptu Speaking Activity in ESP Classrooms
Anh Hoang Tran
The Reality and Challenges of English for Specific Purposes: A Case of An Giang University
Dung Thi Nguyen
A Task-Based Approach to Teaching Business English
Mark Firth
English Language Requirements at Workplace for Students of Tourism and Hospitality
Hue thi kim Tran, Huong Thi Thu Le, Van Ngoc Thanh Pham
Matching Needs to Curriculum Content in an English for Academic Purposes Program in Vietnam
Nga Ngoc Nguyen
A Review on the Differences and Similarities between CLIL and ESP
Thuy Thanh Nguyen
Key stakeholders’ perspectives on English language requirements at work: concerns and solutions
Tue Ngoc Hoang, Trần Thị Duyên
Evaluating ESP Programs in a Vietnamese University: A Study from Students’ and Teachers’ Perceptions
Thinh Hoang
English for Legal Purposes: Issues in Translating English-Vietnamese Legal Terminology
Son Thai Nguyen, Nghi Xuan Ma, Thanh Kim Ngo, Chau Ngoc Pham Truong, Linh Khanh Bui
Investigating the Language Needs of Information Technology Professionals: Insiders’ Perspectives
Khanh Mai Pham, Loan Thanh Do, Hao Thi Bich Pham
Applying Edcamp for English Teachers’ Professional Development at Dong Thap Community College
Ha Thi The Nguyen, Huy Quang Pham
English requirements in Business working environment
Ngoc Hong Chuc, Loan Thi Nguyen, Mai Thi Bach Ho
EAP as We Understand It: Experience Sharing by EAP Course Developers at ULIS-VNU
Trang Hong Hoang
Paired Reading Intervention for English Non-major Second Year Students in ESP Materials
Huong Thi Thanh Nguyen, Huyen Thi Thanh Pham
Needs Analysis in Designing ESP Courses: The Fundamentals
Hoang Huy Nguyen
Improving Professional Development Process by Using Educational Technology amongst Teachers in Remote Areas
Lien Thi Bui, Ha Thi Hai Nguyen
Vocabulary Learning Strategies by Adult Learners in an EAP Program
Phuong Thi Hong Cao, Tho Xuan Pham
The Mother Tongue Based–Bilingual Education Program for Ethnic Minority Children in Vietnam
Hanh Thi Bich Nguyen
Enhancing Oral Presentation Skills of ESP Students
Ngoc Bich Pham
Pharmaceutical ESP Textbook Evaluation in Terms of Its Content
Son Hoang Nguyen
A Study on Multimodal Metaphor in Coca- Cola and Pepsi’ Television Commercials: A Marketing Story.
Hien Thi Thu Pham
Being Familiar with Some of Teaching Methodologies and English for Specific Purposes
Son Hoang Nguyen
Designing ESP Materials to Meet the Labor Market Needs at University of Transport Technology
Hoa Van To
Using a Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) to Enhance Students’ Vocabulary Development
Chanaichon Damsri
Critical Reading in the EAP Classroom in Higher Education
Hoa Thi Le
Classroom Interaction in EMI Classes
Nga Thu Tran
Teaching Legal English to English Major Students at Hanoi Law University – Challenges and Solutions
Minh Nguyen Binh La, Huong Thanh Nhac
Student' Evaluation of the ESP Program at VNU-IS
Hoa Thi To Nguyen

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