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Students’ needs based Professional Development
Yasmine Mohamed Atwa

Last modified: 2019-08-05


As teachers are always busy all the time planning, teaching, correcting and assessing in a world that change and evolve in an unacceptable, rapid manner, the need for Teacher Development has never been as important. Teacher Development varies greatly according to where a teacher works. Many private institutions encourage TD by providing input sessions, conference discounts and various opportunities for sharing best practices; however, it all stops if not aligned to business needs. Having tried most of these, they worked just fine. However, engaging in an input session is not sometimes the best way for TD. Such sessions are always a result of what the mentors or presenters think is important.

An alternative to these imposed kinds of professional development is PD that is based on classroom needs and research. The proposed idea is effective as it springs from the immediate needs of the students. Therefore, what dictates teachers own TD now is the dynamics of classroom needs and interactions. Because it springs from a real need, the outcome is usually very authentic and relevant to the teachers as well as the students. The idea emphasizes the important role of classroom research as a tool for teacher development.

Attendees of the presentation will have a chance to explore Professional development in various contexts. They will also get a chance to reflect upon their professional development practices in the lights of the newly proposed model. A real life example of this proposed model will be shared with the audience as well.