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Integrating Skype in English Speaking Classes to Empower and Encourage EFL learners to Speak.
Thu Thi Kim Pham

Last modified: 2019-10-02


Speaking skill plays pivotal role in success of learning any foreign language. Nevertheless, according to Nguyen (2010), learner reluctant to speak in the classroom is the problem commonly found in EFL context. The question of how to ignite students voice in speaking classes remains considerably contemporary debate among researchers and educators through many TESOL professional forums. The researcher of this paper has employed Skype in classroom as a tool to encourage her students’ engagement in speaking classes. Her some realized benefits conclude: Students are more active and interested in speaking activities, Skype help to bring the back row students who reluctant to speak into the front; Skype supports students with 4C skills of 21 Century (Communication, Collaboration, Creation and Critical thinking) and Skype improves student’s oral proficiency. Consequently, the experiences and techniques in applying skype in classroom through five main speaking activities, namely, Skype Lesson, Mystery Skype, Virtual Field Trip, Guest Speaker and Skype Collaboration will be presented. Following by, Hands-on session will keep teachers actively engaged and allow them to effectively serve as instructor in students’ learning. Participants will walk away with steps, techniques and tips for speaking activities with Skype, yet create and adapt those that they can use in their own classrooms.



speaking skill, engagement, skype in classroom, classroom techniques