VietTESOL International Convention, VietTESOL International Convention 2019

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An Investigation of Project-Based Learning to Develop Learners’ Interpreting and Work-Readiness Skills in 21st Century.
Thu Thi Kim Le

Building: B
Room: B504
Date: 2019-10-11 10:35 AM – 11:05 AM
Last modified: 2019-09-19


Project-based learning is an instructional method in which students gain knowledge and skills by working for an extended period of time to investigate and respond to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. It is an innovative approach to learning that has recently been widespread across various disciplines in different national contexts. Not only does it have a significant influence on learners’ cognitive, emotional and psychology development, it also enhances their social and collaborative skills. This paper addresses a combination of theoretical and practical concerns over the implementation of PBL at tertiary level. In the study, the researcher applied PBL in Interpreting 2 course of thirty English-majored students. Students were involved in two mini research projects:  Classroom Project and Conference Project. They were required to work in teams to prepare and make videos recording the process of practicing and experiencing being an interpreter. Data was collected by questionnaires and interviews for an adequate analysis on learners’ improvement through the project. The study found that PBL deepens students’ understanding of the academic topics while working collaboratively on complex real-world situations, increases their retention of the content, improves their attitudes towards learning, and helps them develop important work-readiness skills. Students were also encouraged to become independent workers, critical thinkers, and lifelong learners through investigating and responding to an engaging and complex question, problem, or challenge. They felt more motivated and confident in interpreting and some expressed the passion toward becoming a professional interpreter in the future


project-based learning; interpreting; collaborative learning; learning motivation; active learning