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Scaffolding Academic Writing Tasks for Pre-Sessional EAP Students
Christopher Mark Storrs-Fox

Building: Library
Room: D105
Last modified: 2019-08-30


The last few years have seen a significant increase in interest amongst Southeast Asian learners in studying at international universities within the region and overseas. This increase in demand has led to increased enrolment in EAP preparation programmes as students seek to prepare for the challenge that studying in an international environment presents. A significant part of this challenge is academic writing, an area that very few learners have experience with prior to starting their university courses. Such inexperience can also be challenging for teachers since students are thrown in at the deep end when trying to complete writing assignments as laid out in EAP course books.

This workshop shows educators working on university preparation courses or at high schools how they can scaffold writing tasks to better support their students and make the experience of learning how to write in an academic style more positive. The session begins with a 15-minute demonstration of how a coursebook task can be adapted to include pairwork, language focus and collaborative writing by using scaffolding worksheets that break the task down into more manageable sections for learners. This is followed by a 30-minute period where participants work together to practise scaffolding their own writing tasks, then a final 15 minutes of peer feedback and reflection.


By the end of the session attendees will have learnt how they can scaffold coursebook tasks to help develop learner writing skills and confidence, thereby better preparing them for their future international study experiences.


EAP; academic writing; scaffolding