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How to Encourage Learners to Produce Materials for English Lessons?
Nga Thi Viet Nguyen

Building: Library
Room: D306
Date: 2019-10-11 03:25 PM – 03:55 PM
Last modified: 2019-09-19


Material development is generally assumed as the teachers’ task. However, the concept of learner-generated materials has existed for some time in EFL/ESL context and attracted lots of researchers’ attention (Clarke,1989; Riggenbach, 1988; Whitaker, 1983), especially during the rise of learner-centered approach in language learning. The term “learner-generated materials” refers to (1) Materials selected by learners for classroom use, (2) Learner products exploited by a teacher for teaching purposes and (3) Materials created by learners for use by other learners(Said & Zhang 2013:201). Unquestionably, this somewhat challenges traditional paradigm of education but it will bring substantial benefits for both instructors and students. Students can use their English and critical-thinking skills to create materials themselves and shape their own learning process, thereby develop their active engagement in classrooms. This paper highlights the significance of learner-produced materials and put forwards ways for teachers to encourage their students to create English-learning materials. The article also suggests kinds of materials that students can exploit to suit the course aims while empowering themselves to practise and improve their English.


material development, encourage learner-generated materials, benefits, active engagement