VietTESOL International Convention, VietTESOL International Convention 2019

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A study on violation and flouting of conversational maxims in the series "How I Met Your Mother"
Linh Thị Phương Lê

Building: Library
Room: Lobby - 1st Floor
Date: 2019-10-11 02:00 PM – 02:45 PM
Last modified: 2019-09-19



This research aims to describe the types of maxims that are violated and flouted and explain the functions of the non-observation of the four maxims by the main characters in the sitcom “How I Met Your Mother”. The violation of maxims occurs when the speakers consciously manipulated the maxims so as to mislead the interlocutors. While the flouting of maxims happens when individuals intentionally do not observe the maxims since they want to derive the hidden meaning behind to the listeners, that is, the speakers employ implicature. In obtaining the data, the researcher employs the non-participant observation to the utterances of main characters in the season 2 of the series. Two desired results are shown in  this research. The first result reveals that the characters mostly do the violation than flouting. From the overall of non-observations they have done, the quality maxim violation is in the highest rank and the maxim of relation is flouted most. The second result is that the maxim violation has four main functions namely representatives, declaratives, expressives, directives and the functions of maxim flouting are representatives, directives, expressives. Based on the analysis, it shows that there is a connection between the most dominant violated/flouted maxim with the mostly used function in the characters’ utterances. For further research, it is suggested that the study will be conducted in a larger scope of population.


Keywords: Cooperative Principles, maxims, flouting, violation, functions, How I Met Your Mother (abbreviated to HIMYM)