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Promoting 21st century skills in Vietnamese class through project-based learning: students’ perception
Khanh Nguyen Thi Van, Cu Huyen Do

Last modified: 2019-08-28


Project-based learning (PBL) and 21st century skills (21c skills) have been familiar key phrases in English language teaching and learning. What if these are applied to Vietnamese teaching, especially in the context that Vietnam has been an increasingly attractive destination for investment, tourism and education? In order to find out if PBL has positive impacts on students and their specific skills, an action research was carried out at Hanoi University of Industry. The authors apply PBL with a Vietnamese class of 17 Laotian students. After a year long course with 8 projects, all students participated into a survey. Findings include students’ perceptions of PBL and its relation with 21c and thinking skills. It is perceived that there have been improvements on thinking skills and specific 21c skills namely communication, collaboration, evaluation, analysis, creativity. However, the level of improvements differs between low and high achievers. Suggestions are accordingly offered, including PBL application and options for further studies.


PBL, project-based learning, 21st century skills, thinking skills, teaching and learning Vietnamese.