English Language Education: Empowerment, Engagement and Diversity

We have already been, and will head to next in the globalized era, which has necessarily redefined how English is learnt and taught by different groups of learners and teachers in a variety of national, regional and global contexts. English learning and teaching are nolonger bounded by the traditional classrooms and so is success in communication, much no longer a mastery of the English language system. As such English language education needs to accommodate the multiple complex and dynamic ways people act in the real world with language, that is, with all their interactive communication repertoires and resources. Accordingly, the question of empowering teachers and learners and letting them be empowered by responsive English pedagogies and approaches is essential. Such empowerment is believed to drive the interrelated endeavor of engagement that, inparticular, involves addressing how to engage learners and be engaged by them, and,inseparably, at the heart of engagement, how to embrace diversity and let diversity transform classroom practice through powerful acts of teaching, learning and researching.

In so doing, we are pedagogically responding to diverse groups of learners in diverse instructional contexts, thus reshaping a multitude of learning opportunities for individual learners. Essentially, we are preparing learners for the real world of language use, with its all forms of diversity and differences.

In acting towards such a goal, for the 5 th VietTESOL International Convention, HueVietnam 2019, we are inviting teachers, practitioners, researchers, scholars and otherrelated stakeholders to exchange ideas and share experiences, research results on thedomain of English language education that explore the triadic paradigm ofempowerment, engagement, and diversity.

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